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Location & Fixing Leak Problems

Frye Plumbing Inc. provides residential and commercial leak detection in Bakersfield, CA and surrounding cities. Do you suspect a water leak in your home? Protect your property with comprehensive water leak detection and repair services by Frye Plumbing Inc.


Water Leaks

Nothing is more dangerous and damaging to your home than a water leak. If left undetected, leaks will cause extensive damage to your home and require costly repairs. That little plumbing leak at the hose or from the kitchen sink may seem minor, but it could be a bigger problem than you realize. Water leaks waste water and can increase your monthly water bill. Even a very small pinhole sized water leak can add up to thousands of gallons of wasted water over a short time.

Signs of Leaking Water

Signs of a leak include, but are not limited to, hearing water running, visible cracks in the walls or floors, moisture or mildew under carpets, hot spots on the floor, smelling a foul odor, or water bills that are higher than normal. If you notice signs of a leak, call us right away. Depending on the size of the leak, we will instruct you on how to turn off the water at the fixture until we get to your home so that there is no additional damage to your home.

How to Prevent Water Leaks

Here are a few tips to help prevent future water leaks:


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