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Improved Water Quality? “Don’t Be Shy. Call Frye!”

What are Water Filtration Systems?

Although your water may look clean, there is the possibility that it could be infected with numerous types of bacteria, harmful minerals and other types of impurities that may make your family sick or cause your water to be dangerous to use.

A water filtration system takes out the guesswork and filters the bacteria and impurities out of your water making it safe for drinking, cooking, washing and more.

Types of Filtration Systems

Three main filtration systems are most popular among homeowners. They are:

Carbon filters: Using multiple layers of active carbon, these filters trap bacteria and impurities before they get a chance to enter your water. This leaves your water crisp, fresh and safe to use.

Reverse osmosis: This purification method passes water through a membrane, trapping bacteria, and pumping the water back into your plumbing system.

Water softeners: Rural homeowners often have excess minerals in their water known as “hard water.” A water softener works by passing water through a tank filled with salts designed to neutralize the minerals and soften the hard water.

What are the Benefits?

Many homeowners are choosing to install water filtration and purification systems in their home to take advantage of the following benefits and advantages:

Savings: With a filtration system, you can be confident that your water is fresh and pure, meaning you won’t need to spend money on bottled water.

Protection from disease: Removing bacteria and impurities from your water protects your family from water-transmitted illnesses and diseases.

Clean water: With a filtration device, your water is clean and ready for multiple uses such as drinking, cooking, cleaning and irrigation.